Limited Light Super Stock Tractors – 6,500 lb

​With all brands represented here as well as a combination of gas, alcohol, and diesel powered tractors, these lightweight power houses are sure to please with plenty of wheel standing action!

Pro Street Diesel Trucks – 8,000 lb

These street legal diesel trucks make up our intermediate class.  While some of these trucks are daily driven, they have been altered to maximize power and traction for some ultra competitive action!

Super Farm Tractors – 9,300 lb

This is the same class used for NTPA pulling and adheres by rules they have set forth.  Some of the regions top running tractors can be seen during our shows

Field Farm Tractors – 12,500 lb

​These tractors are often used for daily use on the farm while not pulling competitively!  This is one of the most competitive classes we offer as it requires the driver to employ stratagy while staying with in a speed limit.  Simple rules allow all levels of experience to compete in this class!

Street Diesel Trucks – 8,200 lb

This is often our biggest class of competition.  These trucks are daily driven and street legal.  The rules are simple and allow everyone with a street legal pickup to have a hand at sled pulling and the crowd to come out and support their hometown competitors.

Modified Gas Trucks – 6,200 lb

​This class is always a crowd favorite with the roar of the engines and dirt flying! From the outside, these trucks will bring back memories of the “good old days”, but make no mistakes, these trucks are built for one thing and one thing only – pulling!

Hot Diesel Trucks – 8,000 lb

Heavily modified engines in pickup bodies make this class one of the most exciting to watch. Using multi turbo diesel engines and drivelines strong enough to handle a monster truck, these trucks promise to keep you on the edge of your seat cheering for your favorite.

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