About WMP

The Michigan Farm Stock Tractor Pullers Association (MFSTPA) was established in 1988. Our purpose is to promote agriculture by providing tractor & truck pulling at the county fairs and other community events in Michigan. As of 2009 the official name was changed to Michigan Truck & Tractor Pullers (MTTP) and in 2017 was updated to West Michigan Pullers (WM Pullers).

In the 2001 season we established a 4X4 street legal diesel pickup class and a 4×4 gas pick up class. Since then we have added a hot diesel pick up class, a modified gas pick up class, and then in 2009 a 2.6 turbo diesel pick up class.

Our membership covers a large area in Michigan. Many of our club members are in farming and agriculture as far south as Three Oaks & Hart to the north, from the shoreline of Lake Michigan to Saginaw to the East. We are continually adding new members to our club.

The continued growth and success of the club is due to its staff and past and present members and generous donations by sponsors.

Our goal is to create competitive truck and tractor pulling classes with rules conforming to a regional/national level to allow for the highest number of pullers possible. We desire to have many “entry” level classes along with the ability to move up to more “competitive” classes all in the same club. We use a points system for each class to make all classes fun yet competitive.

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